Moon Gardening in 2016


Moon Gardening in Glastonbury 2016


The first group will begin on Monday ~ Moon Day ~ 16 May 2016

It is Taurus Sun and Virgo Waxing Moon 

Yellow Overtone Star Day in the Mayan Wavespell of Yellow Seed

Yellow Seed is a very powerful 13 day process for revealing our true gifts and life purpose 

I love gardening and learning about the old ways of working with nature and the moon

sounds like a perfect time to begin this gardening group again


In between New Moon in Taurus and Full Moon in Sagittarius   

This is held in the Libra part of the Glastonbury Zodiac 

Barton St David 

In the past it has been  is a group of people who have a love of nature, gardening and learning to reconnect with old wisdom and the natural cycles.

When the individual as actually being this process synchronisation and intuition start to happen naturally 😉 

The group will meet once a month at the waxing time of the moon 

no need for any previous experience ~ all are welcome 

It is £6 per session

Come when you wish each one stands alone 

There are lots of ways to interact :

004 Lunga Afternoon Tea5


Have tea ceremonies 


Bring produce to share



visit other gardens

I will be creating resources


such as:


Energy of the Solar Month and how the Moon reflects with this 

How to find resources in the community

Companion planting

Filling all the space for maximum yield and minimum work 

Practical and Grounded 

Lunar Imaginative and Healing 

This months event in more detail: 


I love gardening and am so excited at what is in store with this year of learning, sharing and adventure 

Magical co creation with the divine